All day every day...FREE ice cream with all pies Apple Pie Baked on premise  5.99

Coconut Cream Pie Made on premise 5.99

Cheese Cake Cherry, Blueberry or Strawberry 5.99

Fred's Favourite Gigantic Banana Split 11.99

Gigantic Sundae Royal 10.99

 Ice Cream with fruit salad 5.99

Milkshake 4.99

Soft Drinks 2.99

Ice Tea 3.25

Milk  white or chocolate 2.99

Milk  white or chocolate Lg 3.99

Hot Chocolate 2.99

Assorted Juices reg 2.99 Lg 3.99

Herbal Tea 2.49

Coffee 2.25

#top Bedrocks Own'  Deep Fried Ice Cream Our Favorite $4.99 Double portion $ 8.99
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